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Preserve your jewelry, ensure longevity

All LIÉ STUDIO jewelry is designed in Copenhagen and carefully crafted by hand.
Every piece is nickel-free and hypoallergenic and all materials are exclusive and finely selected with attention to detail.

Jewellery Care Guide

When wearing

Treat your jewelry with care and avoid activities that will expose your jewelry to scratches.
Remove your jewelry before bed, showering and washing your hands.
When opening and closing your earrings and chains, be careful. Don’t pull chains or earrings - the products are made of precious metals and can break if strained.

When storing

Store your jewelry in a safe place; remember to keep your jewelry in a dry space, and do not store it in your bathroom as steam and humid conditions can affect it. Store your LIÉ pieces separately in the jewelry bag to avoid scratching and to maintain a shiny surface.

When polishing

Over time jewelry can tarnish and get an oxidized surface, which can leave the piece looking darker and less shiny. To prevent this from happening, remember to polish your jewelry often using a soft cleaning cloth. 

If the jewelry is already oxidized, you can clean it by putting the piece in a silver bath, followed by polishing it thoroughly with your cleaning cloth afterward. This only applies to jewelry made of 100% sterling silver

Our applied materials cover: 925 sterling silver, 18k gold plating and brass.
All LIÉ STUDIO jewelry is coated with 2 microns except for our rings, which are coated with 3 microns, making the jewelry more hard-wearing.

With the proper and accurate care, your LIÉ STUDIO jewelry can preserve its original beauty throughout many years. However, please accept that any surface treatments and platings wear out over time. If you wish to restore your jewelry’s original color and plating, visit your preferred jeweler for a replating.

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Preserve your leather, ensure longevity

Taking care of your leather goods, will make them last for a life time.

All LIÉ LEATHER goods are designed in Copenhagen and meticulously crafted by hand in Portugal from 100 % Italian cow leather. Below you will find our greatest tips to preserve the originality and longevity of your LIÉ LEATHER goods, while embracing the beauty of natural patina.

Leather Care Guide

When wearing

Remember to treat your leather goods gently. Avoid tossing them around or placing them on rough surfaces that could cause scratches. Also, even though the LIÉ LEATHER goods are made for multipurpose occasions, remember that overstuffing your items can stretch the leather and increase the likelihood of scratches or marks.

When storing

Be mindful of where you place your bag. Avoid setting it down near sharp objects like keys or jewelry that could scratch the surface. Remember to always use the LIÉ STUDIO dust bag that comes with your leather goods, especially for travelling as this might mitigate any unseen marks.

When caring

Remember that these coveted leather pieces are made from an organic material and are
therefore receptive to stains and scratches. However, you can always prevent this by great maintenance of your leather goods. To minimize severe scratches on the leather surface, apply a high quality leather conditioner to keep the leather moisturized and supple.

Our applied materials cover: Brass, 925 Sterling silver , 18 Carat gold , Red Carnelian Stone , Beige Topaz Stone , 100% cotton canvas , 100 % drill cotton , 100% cow leather, 100% cow suede.

With the proper and accurate care, your LIÉ STUDIO piece can preserve its original beauty throughout many years.