It’s been about a week since we opened up the doors to our very first flagship store at Vognmagergade 9 in the heart of Copenhagen. A pinch-me moment that the entire team is so immensely proud of!

Getting the chance to finally share the vision and aesthetics of LIÉ STUDIO in a spatial setting is something that has always been a dream since the very beginning back in 2021.

Scroll down to read our little chat with Co-founders and Creative Directors, Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard about the thoughts behind the store, from saying yes to a dream location to choosing the right colored curtains.

Can you describe your design vision for our store and how it aligns with our brand identity?

A: So, our vision when designing the store, was to create an immersive and ambient space that reflects our brand’s core values and aesthetic. We aimed to combine modern elegance with a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that every element—from the color palette and lighting to the materials and finishes—enhances the universe of LIÉ STUDIO.

Our brand identity is rooted in quality, sophistication, and timelessness, and therefore we wanted the store to be sort of a physical manifestation of these principles. This means incorporating clean lines, high-quality materials, and thoughtful design details that resonate with LIÉ STUDIO and our personal interior favorites.

What does it mean for you to move from only selling through other retailers to, now also, your own retail space

C: We are so grateful for all of our retailers across the globe, making sure that everyone can get their hands on our jewelry and leather pieces. But getting the opportunity to meet all of the LIÉ community, is something that we have been very eager to experience. Initially, we envisioned a space where customers can experience our goods in a setting that inspires them and provides a sense of belonging. The goal was to combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring that every corner of the store radiates the LIÉ STUDIO uniform. 

A: We are also so incredibly happy for the location of the store. Located in the heart of Copenhagen in one of the most ambient and historically renowned streets, 2 minutes away from our office. This made the decision about opening a store even clearer to us! 

What was the most challenging part of the store opening?

A: First of all, choosing the visual direction and furniture of the store was such an exciting but tough process. Luckily, we were in good hands having the best team on this project. Even the smaller things that seemed naturally easy to decide on, became the hardest parts such as choosing the fabric and color for the curtain. 

C: Quickly, we realized that the estimated timeline was not as realistic as we thought. So learning to be patient and positive while the opening of the store was being postponed, was challenging but also rewarding making us even more excited for the opening on June 7th.

What are your favorite parts of the store in terms of furniture, details, and the space?

C: We completely adore the veneer centerpiece that was custom-made for the store. It was a part of our vision from the very beginning - creating a unique piece of furniture that would function sort of as a huge jewelry box, keeping your favorite jewelry and leather pieces. Also, we love how it makes people come together while browsing the store!

A: In general I think we are in awe of the combination of different wooden materials that makes the store feel very cozy and soft. Bringing in the Cassina couch and the vintage Moroccan carpet creates a sort of homey feeling that makes it more comfortable to browse around and shop. 

We hope you will swing by the store if you happen to be in Copenhagen! 

Love, Amalie & Cecilie 

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